Centre of Excellence in Semantic Technology and Augmented Reality
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The Centre of Excellence in Semantic Technology and Augmented Reality was established in 6th August 2009 and is located at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development (FCSHD), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). CoESTAR is part of MIMOS endeavours in driving universities towards the National Technology Roadmap aimed at serving as a compass for researchers in translating their work into benefits from strategic, social and economic aspect towards achieving the national aspiration of K-nation.

The Semantic Technology Platform has the potential to deploy intelligent applications in the following areas:

Business (Data Integration, Data mining, Business Intelligence), Banking and Financial (Predictive analysis), Speech (Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing), Healthcare (Clinical Decision Support System, Medical Expert System), Automotive (Self-driving, Safety –driven intelligent controller), Automated Programming, and Meaning Based Search Engine.

Meanwhile, the Augmented Reality Technology Platform has the future potential in the following areas:

Semantic Mobile AR System, AR GPS System, AR Sensor System, AR Language Translation System, AR Interactive Mobile Kiosk, AR Signs Recognition System, Network and Online AR System, Input Devices for Interaction in AR, Intelligent Games Logics and Functions, Intelligent Agent/ AVATAR or AI in AR, and BlueScreen/ Holographics Technology in AR System.


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